Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Infographic?

Infographics in our context are graphics and visuals made from Microsoft PowerPoint shapes and objects which provide an easy to understand overview of a particular topic. We have Infographics on a wide range of topics such as education, health, business, corporate functions, legal, risk, projects, and many many more such topics 

Are the Infographics fully editable?

Yes, all our Infographics are 100% editable in all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint application.

What is a category of Infographics?

Category of Infographics is a collection of Infographics related to some topic. Such as Education, E-learning, Sales, Marketing and so on. There are usually 20-50 Infographics in a Category.

What is a Bundle of Infographics?

Bundle of Infographics is a collection of several related categories of Infographics. Some examples:
Education Bundle contains 4 categories of Infographics that are – Basic Education, E-Learning, Kids Education, and STEM Education. In addition each category contains 20-50 Infographics on the topic. 

Health Bundle contains 4 categories of Infographics that are – Medical, Healthcare, Fitness and Yoga. In addition each category contains 20-50 Infographics on the topic. 

How can I access the Infographics on purchase?

Upon successful purchase you can immediately download our Infographics as a ZIP file. Alternatively we also send a link to download the Infographics you purchased on your registered email. 

What is life time access?

Life time access is provided to only the users who purchase the full pack of Infographics from our site. As a part of life time access we send newly added Infographics to our users free of cost. The frequency of sending updates may vary but we usually send updates on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Are there any student discounts?

We usually have student promotions running through out the year which are also available to students. However if you are looking for any further discounts, please mail us at

Can I share the Infographics with my team?

The license that we provide is only for you. Sharing our product or selling them in any shape and form can get you in legal trouble. 

How to I get bulk license?

We provide bulk license only on demand. Please email us for further details.